Signature Collection
- by Tricia Nicole -


$160.00 + Decals



$45.00 + Decals

Gold Beaded Chargers | 1.50/piece
Classic gold beaded charger plates 12" diameter
Gold Chiavari Chairs | 4.50/Chair
Special Limited Time Offer* $4.50/Chair
Gold Back Drop | $120.00
Large gold frame with fabric curtains. Choice of navy or white fabric
Floral Rings | 6.00/piece
Vary slightly in size with an average of 18"- 22" diameter.
Faux Greenery Garlands | 1.50/ft
Use these Realistic greenery garlands as stunning table runners. Each section is 68" in.
Glass Seating Chart | 160 + decals
36"x 62" custom tempered glass sheet with custom name decals mounted in a modern white base.
Glass Table Numbers | 3.50/piece
6"x6" tempered glass sheet in a modern white base. They stand 7 3/4" off the table.
Glass Table Numbers | 3.50/piece
Gold Card box | 30.00
16" x 16"gold card box. A unique addition to the line-up.
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Brass Candle Sticks | .75/piece
A large, beautiful collection of assorted antique brass candle sticks.
Gold Box Lanterns | 2.50/piece
9"x4.25"Gold Box Lanterns includes flameless candle
Glass Welcome Sign | 45.00
35"x40" glass welcome sign. Can be used as a small seating chart with option of black easel (not shown).

Send us your complete guest list organized by table and we will format and apply it to the glass

$45.00 + approx. $0.50 per guest name
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