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H O W   I T   A L L    B E G A N

    Our story begins as two busy, ambitious, creative people, that found love in each each other and wanted to be united as one in the Lord. We shared a similar vision of the first few exciting years of marriage. We wanted to move into a small apartment in a busy city and have fewer commitments so we could do some travelling and vacationing together.  Neither of us wanted to take a full year to plan a wedding but rather move through the process quickly so we could carry on with our plans as a married couple.

The problem was, we also didn't want to settle for anything less than a truly magnificent day.


We put our heads down, and worked hard to achieve our vision. Weekends and nights were spent designing and building wedding decor, shopping for suits and dresses and scheduling with vendors. Spare time and lunch breaks were spent on the phone making arrangements with photographers, videographers, and chauffeurs. Holidays, and vacation time were filled with endless amounts of preparation that we previously we didn't even know had to be done.


In the end it all paid off. In 4 short months we planned a truly beautiful day. The proof was in the compliments and social media feedback as well as honourable mentions and features on various photography blogs on Facebook, and Intsagram. We had done it. And we did it well!

When things had settled down and we took the time to look back on the day and our accomplishments we soon realized that this was our passion. We saw how well all our hard work in the past 4 months came together.  So with a unique eye for design, and an ability to deliver on tight timelines we continue to work together to gather and provide easy solutions to make your day everything you imagined it to be.

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